Good practice guidance

Providing guidance to investee companies in order to drive sector-wide changes is an integral part of the PLWF’s meaningful engagement approach. By education ourselves on the topic of living wage and living income and conducting our annual company reviews, the members are geared with the right tools to do so. In addition, we stimulate intra-sectoral and intersectoral learning by sharing good practices. 

In 2018, the PLWF published Good Practice Guidances for the Garment & Footwear sector companies with the intend to be used as a functional tool to support the quality and effectiveness of our engagement going forward. We encourage our investee companies to refer to this document when surveying and assessing the practices of their industry peers. Importantly, the PLWF intends to keep and maintain this guidance as a ‘living’ document and update it as companies’ performance and reporting develops and matures.

The guidance document was last updated in 2022 and can be found here

Older version: July 2019