Members of the PLWF
Platform members are financial institutions (banks, insurers, pension fund asset managers and asset managers) that are directly involved in the Platform’s work.

The day-to-day activities of the PLWF are coordinated by a Management Committee, with the support of a secretariat. As of September 2022, members of the Management Committee are ASN Bank, Columbia Threadneedle Investments, MN and Triodos IM.

Engagement efforts are coordinated in two sector-specific working groups. The working group for the Garment and Footwear sector and the working group for the agricultural, food and food retail sectors. In addition, there are working groups focused on engagement with External Asset Managers and AGM activities.

Dependent on the individual decisions of each Platform member (investment decisions, strategic priorities, etc.), members are involved in one or multiple of the abovementioned work streams.

Supporters of the PLWF
Supporting parties are defined as the asset owners affiliated with the PLWF members. They are not directly involved in the Platform’s activities themselves, but endorse the work we do.

Friends of the PLWF
The Platform collaborates with a group of stakeholders who we call our ‘Friends of the Platform’. Any organization (with the exception of institutions that can become members or supporting parties of the Platform) or individual involved with the topic of living wage or income may become a ‘Friend of the Platform’. The role of the Friends of the Platform is to inspire, challenge, inform, and provide feedback to the Platform.