Working structure

The Platform Members consist of financial institutions (banks, insurers, pension fund asset managers and asset managers).

Each Platform member makes its own investment decisions based on (the lack of) progress on living wage or because of other (non-)financial reasons. This means that not all Platform members are invested in all companies mentioned on the sector specific pages of this website.

Supporters of PLWF

Since 2019 supporting parties are defined as the asset owners affiliated with the PLWF members.

Friends of the PLWF

In 2019, the Platform also introduced a new category of stakeholders, the ‘Friends of the Platform’. Any organization (with the exception of institutions that can become members or supporting parties of the Platform) or individual involved with the topic of living wage/income may become a ‘Friend of the Platform’. The role of the Friends of the Platform is to inspire, challenge, inform, and provide feedback to the Platform.