Recent developments

2018 was marked by a successful launch of the Platform Living Wage Financials (Platform) and a rapid expansion of the collaboration. From three founding members in March 2018, the collaboration grew to eleven members in Q1 2019 (a.s.r., ABN Amro, Achmea Investment Management, Amundi, ASN Bank, ING, Kempen, MN, NN Investment Partners, Robeco and Triodos Investment Management).

With respect to the products of the Platform’s work, we have identified two important objectives that should guide our work in 2019: to continue to produce high-quality content and effectively stimulate improved company performance on living wage.

In 2018, the Platform has drawn authority and recognition from the high-quality content we have produced, in particular, the high-standard we have set for assessing our investee companies against a UNGP-aligned living wage assessment methodology. Since we believe this high standard forms the cornerstone behind the Platform’s success, keeping this standard high is an important objective going forward.

At the same time, to more effectively stimulate improved company performance on living wage, we will explore tools and approaches that have the potential to create additional incentives for companies to upgrade their operations in a way that improves living wage (and other human rights). This could be, for example, by developing best practice guidelines, producing high-quality reporting, and continuously integrating the feedback of external stakeholders engaged with the topic of living wage.

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ABN Amro, Amundi and ING join the Platform Living Wage Financials

Collective leverage increases to €2,3 trillion in Assets Under Management As of 31 January 2019, the Platform Living Wage Financials (PLWF) has expanded from eight to eleven members.The addition of two major Dutch banks ABN AMRO and ING and Europe’s largest asset manager Amundi implies not only a significant expansion of collective leverage, but it also enables the PLWF to expand its overall reach to more sectors, companies, suppliers, and ultimately workers. This should, in turn, enable the investor coalition to be more effective in advancing sectoral...
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Launch PLWF September 27th 2018

Members of the Platform at the launch September 27th 2018: ASN Bank, MN, Achmea Investment Management, Triodos Investment Management, Kempen, Robeco, NN Investment Partners, a.s.r.

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